Service-learning Projects

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(a).  Cesar Chavez Service-learning and Social Justice.  Students in middle school learned about the values, activism and life of Cesar Chavez in developing projects that empowered their parents, addressing health, legal, work-place language assistance, and local food.

(b).  Foundational Coordination of Service-learning for California State University, Channel Islands.  Workshops, training, networking, university-wide collaboration, development of community vision addressing social justice, farmer and neighborhood issues with a variety of disciplines at the university.  Focused on a regional plan for Ventura in Southern California

(c) Parent and Community Involvement Coordinator, Albuquerque Public Schools.  Coordinated leadership, educational programs, social activism and educational programs for parents and communities surrounding public and charter schools.

(d)  Service-learning Contractor for the State of New Mexico with the New Mexico Forum for Youth and community.  Developed service-learning toolkit, teacher training, networking, community involvement, state policies and local conferences to achieve state policy development in service-learning.

(e) Developed Service-learning Research and Projects at Universities.  Projects included:  Educational collaboration; development of sexual abuse policy; multicultural education curriculum; community educational projects and environmental education projects.

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